13 Reasons To Pray

Thirteen Great Reasons Why I Pray

  1. When I pray I enter in God’s presence, filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit, feeling closest to him in a place of selfless prayer and worship.
  2. I pray because I love God and I want people to know God and follow him more closely.
  3. I believe that God will answer my prayers.
  4. I believe that I can change the world with me prayers.
  5. We are commanded to pray in God’s Word, the Holy Bible.
  6. The Holy Spirit leads me into times of deep prayer.
  7. It’s therapeutic, alleviating anxiety, fear, stress.
  8. It helps us find our way, and uncovers what is deep inside of us.
  9. Prayer often yields something from deep within us that we didn’t realize was there, such an issue, doubt or desire.
  10. Prayer unburdens our heart and mind when we confess to God and Jesus.
  11. To ask God and Jesus to change us on the inside.
  12. To present specific requests to God and Jesus.
  13. To present praise and offer thanks!

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