Prayer Talk

The Biblical scripture which preserves the heritage of the greatest men of faith in God shows us that prayer is led and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The great and wonderful Holy Spirit is a being independent from God, part of the Godhead trio known as the “Holy Trinity”. The Holy Spirit is classified in da’ Holy Bible as “The Spirit of God”, with great power and a wealth of gifts. Our great savior Lord Jesus tapped into these gifts, just as we now can As Christians we are called to follow our beloved Jesus, Son of God and we must imitate him in following him. The Holy Spirit helped Jesus in his speech and in his prayers, leading him and inspiring him throughout the day and into the night.

Dearly beloved, please tap into the prayer power of the Holy Spirit today, as Jesus did. Silence your mind and heart before God, listen and wait. Our God and his Holy Spirit are so great that they are never too busy to help you pray and speak with is most right. Find delight in the Holy Spirit when you pray and let your prayers come from him. Seek the Word of God and let that guide you in prayer. The Holy Bible is from him directly and it can show you what to pray. If you feel that you are missing something, review and re-read these scriptures. I have a practice that I may suggest to you that is very practical and worthy of learning and incorporating into regular prayer practice. Pray through a section of the Biblical Scripture, praying about what you read and what you can think of that is related. Some of the scriptures contain treasured and cherished ancient prayers, authored by noble men of God such as King David. For example, the Book of Psalms contains numerous prayers, some authored by the mighty David himself.

Prayer is never boring when your heart and mind and fully engaged. Passion and pain stir prayer. For a change, I would suggest music. Pray a prayer of praise and supplication with music, such as a guitar or piano if you have one, for we enter into our God’s presence with praise and thanksgiving. The Psalms show us that our Divine Father values the playing of musical instruments in praise. Offer reverence and offer yourself. Write a song to God, to beloved Jesus and/or to the Holy Spirit. You can ask questions in prayer, offer gratitude and pray for the Kingdom of God to advance and prevail. Don’t be afraid to open up to God. Show him your secrets and areas of concealment or neglect. Try to let him on whatever you don’t share very much with him, such as selfish ambitions or faulty behavior. Use the song to offer a sweet symphony of praise and penance. Perhaps you could record yourself singing your prayers and memorize them or write them down. You don’t need to write the song out formally. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and free-flow the lyrics. I actually believe that church worship pastors have the authority to free-flow and freewrite songs and to write their own new songs, especially those which and praising and prayerful, when accompanied by the Holy Spirit.

Please, don’t ever underestimate the all-knowing power of the Holy Spirit. One of the great benefits of becoming one with Jesus is that he gives all in him access to the Holy Spirit of God, the great worship leader and prayer leader. Once you enter into Christ as holy you gain access to the power and spiritual gifting of his Holiness through the Holy Spirit. Behold, the veil is torn and our beloved Jesus is to thank. Consider making time to pray to Jesus today, perhaps writing a song from the heart, thanking him for granting us all access as one to the cherished and great resources of the Holy Spirit in heaven. Praise Jesus! Praise God! Praise the Holy Spirit…forever!




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