Youth Ministry Activity: Writing Letters 101

Writing letters is like an art form. Jr. High or High School English instructors could teach a whole quarter or themed weekly section in the class on writing letters.

Teachers would include:

-Proper salutation

-Introduction/ greeting

-Body with main points

-Leading up to questions

-Bottom line

Formatting w/ date, spacing

Genres of letters include:

-Personal/love letters

-Informational letters

-Inquisitive letters

-Suggestive letters

-Critically-constructional letters

-Specialized letters including business-related, financial, legal and assaying letters

-Encouraging/love letters

-Multiparty authored/group letters

Students could research and report on additional genres of letter writing.

Assignments could include actual composition and sending of letters to:

  1. A Teacher
  2. Family member/entrusted neighbor
  3. Celebrity of choice
  4. Political leader
  5. Issue related inquisitive
  6. Self/future self
  7. Military, elderly or prisoner (person in need)

Address finding and envelope printing would be covered. No threats or inappropriate content.

Multiple copies of letters sent to multiple sources.

Responses could be shared with teacher approval with whole class.

Letter writing is a great habit. Exercise your freedom of speech.

If you know any teachers or school administrator feel free to share this document with them.

Teachers could use letters to “stay in touch” with former students. They could send out annual copy form letters to students with bulk mail rates to participating students. Students may write back or visit, reporting progress in life for 10 years.

By Kevin T. Giles, MA


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