The Way to Salvation

In ancient times, the way salvation was revealed by God in glorious form through spoken words inspired by the great and glorious Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God spoke to and  through favored children of God and enabled and empowered those around them to live righteous before God. Long ago, near the dawn of mankind, there was a lack of written words and texts. The earliest known written scrolls date back only a few thousand years. Before that, man relied upon spoken words and illiterate drawings and etchings to convey meaning and preserve history. Long before the Holy Bible, or any other book for that matter was authored and/or printed, righteous and faithful men preserved their history through oral tradition. The way to salvation was contained in the stories and other accounts that men and women of tribes of people groups preserved.

Oral tradition is very important in understanding the origins of the Pentateuch. The first five books of the Holy Bible are known as the Pentateuch. This set of Books was originally authored by Moses for the people of Israel, and it covered a long period of history, over 2,300 years, before Moses himself ever lived. So how did the great Moses, man of God, know what to write? The answer to that question is “oral tradition” and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. More commonly known as storytelling, people would gather together, sometimes around a fire or a meal, in order to transmit the stories of their people group in truth. Storytelling and oral tradition are alike. However, it is important to distinguish that oral tradition dictates true stories, whereas storytelling can dictate lore or myth as well as true stories.

When the great Moses was young, he was raised in the house of the pharaoh of Egypt. He was not blessed with hearing the accounts of the people of Israel in oral tradition until he was older and had returned to his people to eventually lead them. After hearing the oral records of the patriarch Abraham and his blessed kin, Moses recorded their stories in scroll form, authoring the Book of Genesis. The rest of the Book of Genesis was authored by Moses with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and oral tradition inspired dear Moses to write about Adam and Eve and their blessed offspring. The people of God and their experiences are the focus  of the Book of Genesis, showing the importance of God’s people over the importance of his creation and it’s natural workings. Do recall that man was commissioned by the Lord our God to rule over nature and subdue it. It was both oral tradition and the Holy Spirit who was inspired Moses to write the Book of Genesis. Moses carried great authority, having performed many miracles with the power of God, so he was a perfect candidate to write such a book.




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