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The Divine Attributes of God the Almighty

The Divine Attributes of God the Almighty

The Lord God the master creator of the Universe has many glorious names. Each of the Lord God’s names reveal to us, as humans, something of his divine nature. The names that we find in scripture refer to either God the Father, the Son of God or the Holy Spirit- the three persons of the triune God. The names are very diverse including more obscure names such as “Defender” from the Book of Proverbs and the “Ancient of Days” from the Book of Daniel. Many of the names of the Lord God are derived from ancient languages which translate idfferently than most of the English Holy Bibles reveal. These names reveal to us, in our finite human minds, of the infinite and magnanimous beyond desription attributes of the Lord God. His attributes include, but are not limited to the following:

Eternal, most creative, thrice holy, providential, most loving, faithful, living, all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent, more than perfect, trustworthy and true, absolutley supreme in authority, righteous and more.

I am grateful that our God the Lord Almighty manifests these attributes.

He alone is worthy to receive praise, honor and glory. He alone is God our beloved holy redeemer “YHWH”. by Kevin T. Giles, MA


Virtue Unlimited

Truly, truly I say to you that there is no limit to the virtue in a man but the length of his years or time available for service. Likewise, there is no limit to the prayers that a man can pray. Nothing can stop a man from praying. Nothing can stop him from contacting his God in prayer. Prayer and Virtue- these two capacities and channels are closely related as prayer enables and empowers virtue, and virtue results from prayer. By Kevin Troy Giles, MA

Another Great Reason to Pray

Psychologists have prover through extensive human studies that talking opnely about our concerns, worries and problems is therapuetically beneficial. In fact, talking through these areas of concern in life is so benefical that an entire modality of psychotherapy exists known as “talk therapy”. Well, I have good news for you fellow Americans lving in the midst of a stress-filled universe- Talk therapy is available to you right now through prayer.Talking about your concerns, issues and problems with the dear Lord, Jesus & Holy Spirit is a great practice. Sharing your cares and asking God to grant request leads to venting your issues and concerns. Getting it off your chest, prayer is a valuable practice proven to be beneficial and therapeutic by studies. Even if your prayers aren’t answered it’s a good idea to let go and to let God intercede. Prayer is like talk therapy and the benefits are deeper and more profound than you realize. Praying through issues and life concerns causes us to think through them while under divine spiritual influence unveiling solutions that lay within us. Being in contact with God the Almighty, humble in his own rite, pleases him and calls our attention to him, and his attention to us. It’s much better to release our cares and concerns to someone that you trust, to someone that won’t hurt you. Don’t keep them bottled up inside and ready to burst. Pray today, I love you.

By Kevin Troy Giles, MA

A Man of Virtue by Kevin T. Giles, MA


A young christian daringly once aired a greivance before God and said: “Your reverent majesty God! Something is just not right with this world.”. So dear God said back, lovingly: “You can’t change the world for one man, but one man can change the world.” You see, even though sinners prevail in thier pursuits, God’s reation is as he wants it to be. It’s up to you to convince God and work to change it. If you view that something in the world in not as it should be, seek God in prayer and virtue to influence and effect the world around you, even the whole world within your sight and reach, to change her. This change should be for the better of most or all, as that is goal of the virtue of men in God on earth, even beyond this life and deep into the realm of eternity.

Keep praying my dear fellow Christians and beloved faithful ones! I hope that you know that all of your prayers are heard, and if not answered at least they are weighed. All prayers carry weight, just some more than others. The weight that they carry comes in propertional result of the faith of the prayer and the action and conduct of the prayer. If you are more faithful in your life, then your prayers will carry more weight before God. Perhaps your prayers are not answered becuase you lack this, at least in part. Love, Kevin.

By Kevin T. Giles, MA

A Letter To Jesus “A-Z” Christ

Dear Jesus Christ, As your servant and dedicated upholder of the truth, your Word, my eternal allegiance to you endures forever and ever. I address a letter to you, your divine majesty, with the utmost reverence and deepest respect that is due to your holy, holy, holy name. Please allow me to present to you this message of appreciation and sincere, heartfelt gratitude. During your wondrous reign, you achieved and accomplished many miraculous and good deeds through the various roles that you undertook. As one with Almighty God, but yourself a distinct being, I can’t help but wonder about the interactions and relations that take place between you and the other persons of the Holy Trinity. By your divine and holy will it is your sacred right and privilege to cherish, guard and protect these unspeakably glorious relationships forever and ever. Amen. Your various roles, each unique with it’s own name and duties, represent your eternal love, sacrificial redemption and powerful leadership in addition to additional duties, positions and privileges that you enjoyed and also ultimately fulfilled or will fulfill at the coming heaven/ earth or spiritual/existential renewal. Each of these names, such as the “Alpha and the Omega” (or “A and Z” in English), “Lion and the Lamb”, “Son of God”, “Lamb of God” and numerous other titles bestowed upon you and/or earned by you are all infinitely befitting. Each of these names, all essentially interchangeable with your holy human name of “Jesus Christ”, the Lord, are presumably all acceptable and honoring when used in prayer and petition, as praying in “your name” is requested in order that our requests may be granted. As my brothers and sisters, together as one, unified in faithful love and sacrificial, selfless service introduce these other sacred names into prayer unto you more readily and regularly, may you be pleased. I believe that each of these names, separately, is sufficient to invoke the power of your name, Almighty One. After repeating the same name tens of thousands of times or more, it’s wonderful and encouraging to have other glorious and holy names to address you by and to invoke. I gather that your human name, Jesus Christ or “Yeshua Messiah” is probably the holy name that you are the most called by and even the most mis-addressed by. I pray that as I move on in my spirit-led Christian walk and prayer life, I would be dvinely inspired to utilize these various holy names of yours when invoking your power. Most Holy is your name forever and ever, even your new name, yet to be revealed to mankind, a name that we are not yet worthy to know. As I prepare to spend eternity with you, please inspire in my personal spirit and whole being a reverence, unyielding faith and trust high enough to know of thy new name yet to be revealed. Sincerely, Mr. Kevin Troy Giles of Santa Cruz, California Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

Power, Pure, Pride

In the world-famous city of Monterey, California some friends and I were enjoying libatious pleasures. The local public house hosting was well-known throughout the loose community as an acceptable social venue & allowed a crew of T.V. news reporters


to survey the patrons and include them in an interview asking about the meaning of Valentines Day and true love. Young and confident I formulated a concise response that was powerful, pure and pointed. I knew that in the midst of all the suffering-servant self and surroundings I was lost in the midst of, something supremely powerful lived inside of me, God’s pure, true, holy love. As I raised my voice gently, with compusure and confidence I felt as if a spring of pure water welled up from a pile of pure mud. I spoke the words from the source of that which sustained my being when everything else desired death. “Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love conquers all.” By then this human being was already being broken, betrayed. Besides this divine love that God gave me, as a source of eternal-life-giving waters which flowed like Holy Spirit, my life had been stripped. In the years to come, the events of my life would be induced with suffering much like the great apostle Paul. My suffering already been great, consistent and prolonged, yet the worst was yet to come.