Burdened Only to Praise God

In my daily walk with God, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him. God is so unspeakably great and glorious, I must praise him every day. You see, the Lord God has blessed me with a deep understanding of how awesome, great and glorious he truly is. He has done this by revealing himself to me in marvelous ways. I perceive the power of God and the love of God in intimate ways. God has chosen me to dwell alone with him so that I can be available to him and open to him. In return, God and the Holy Spirit and even Jesus have revealed themselves to me in amazing ways. Therefore, I must praise God in return. I live a life that is pure and holy, as God demands of me, so that I am burdened by no sin. I able free to praise God and I must praise him for he is so amazingly great!

As I engage is different activities throughout my day, whether it be work, leisure or spiritual, God is truly with me in all that I do and he makes the activities more enjoyable and more rewarding. God is a source of great blessing and accompaniment to me, and I must praise him in return.


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