Please Pray for Parents to Have Power

Dearly, beloved- Please pray for 21st Century parents who are making inroads against the technology-based social media incursion which includes Facebook, Pinterest, and numerous others, et al. Parents have been largely blindsided by a first-generation vicious scourge that infiltrates our homes, beds, dinner tables, cars and even classrooms. These sacred spaces of security and communing have been invaded! Parents, it’s time to MAKE WAR on Facebook and other invasive & intrusive tech (IT&T). There are no limits to this global gamete and it is so going, going, going on out.
Please pray that this very first generation of techie-provided programmers, punks and princesses will:

1. Compete and counterspy
2. Set limits and enforce limits with stern/severe punishment
3. Educate about the DANGERS of social media and tech-addiction including suicide, arrest, fighting, revenge sex, poor grades, financial decline, lost jobs, family fissures and fiancé flap out (after she discovers you have 263 female friends that uh… You never mentioned. Plus Justin Beiber.

May God truly help these parents to at least encourage honest and accountable communications and direct their young ones to “soul-saving sites” like church websites and social media portals. Many parents don’t know how to confront this issue because they don’t understand how it works. Parents see little or no danger. They lack the vocabulary and precedent of history. Let’s pray that this first generation of social media moms and dads KEEP UP and have fun with the challenge. And let’s pray that our church’s elders and pastors (especially unscrupulous and inexperienced youth pastors) make the efforts to keep up with their own sites, demonstrating reverence and seriousness at all times). Let us speak as if we were speaking the “words of God himself”, avoiding “foolish talk” and “god-excluding chatter”. Yes, little Jimmy and niece Jessica, that is from the Holy Bible…God’s book of the good.”


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