An Expanation of a Pastoral Leadership Contract for Guest Presenters

As a future leader of the church, I’ve been blessed to discover news ideas and new ways to integrate men and women of faith into church leadership. Guest presenters are common today in the Christian Church including missionaries, para-church ministry organizations and visiting pastors. I even believe that lay congregants have the right and opportune potential to address the congregation from the pulpit. Miracles and visions are happening in the church today and we deserve to hear about them. The following document, which I authored, will facilitate the international inclusion of the priesthood. It may be copied from this blog and utilized in congregational order. Guest speakers and lay presenters should sign this in order to ensure that order is maintained and the church avoids upset.

Pastoral Leadership Contract for Guest Presenters

I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions as a presentational speaker at Calvary Chapel Metro of Santa Monica. I will abide by these terms and conditions throughout the entirety of my presentation or sermon. I will work in conjunction with the church’s pastoral staff and other appointed supervising staff in a cooperative and compliant manner at all times. Here are the terms and conditions:

1. I hereby agree not to make politically motivated statements at any time.
2. I agree not to disagree with church doctrine or church law, including any Statement of Faith or other positional faith-bases statement of the church, including church laws or other regulations.
3. I agree not to impose any false reports or information upon the church congregation or mislead them in any way.
4. I agree not to manipulate the church congregation or church leadership at any time for selfish ambition or personal gain.
5. I agree not to go beyond the limits of time allotted for the presentation or sermon.
6. I agree to have the church’s best interests in mind at all times, bearing in mind that the church as one congregational body is part of a globally connected inter church network.
7. I agree not to foster or breed quarrels, divisions or conflicts of any kind, being sensitive and respectful of our neighboring churches and of other religious faiths or community groups of good repute and good standing in the community or beyond.
8. I agree to be sensitive to the future direction of the church and do my best to act in accordance with the Biblical Scriptures at all times.
9. I agree to research my chosen topic or ministry field and otherwise adequately prepare ahead of time.
10. I agree to notify the church leadership staff at least one week ahead of time if I should back out and not be able to make the presentation, so that the leadership staff will have adequate time to schedule a replacement.
11. I agree to glorify the church and implement and/or follow the will of God throughout the course of the presentation of sermon to the church.
12. I agree not to read a transcript before the congregation unless absolutely necessary, that I may follow the leading of the Lord’s Holy Spirit.

I agree that should I divert from these terms and conditions I may immediately be cut off and asked to discontinue my presentation or sermon. Additionally, there may be church discipline in store should I fail to abide.

X____________________________________, Presentational Speaker

X____________________________________, Witness

X____________________________________, Pastor


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