Another Great Reason to Pray

Another Great Reason to Pray

Psychologists have proven through extensive human studies that venting and talking about personal concerns and cares is therapeutically beneficial. In fact, talking through these areas of concern in life is so beneficial that an entire modality of therapy exists known as “talk therapy”. Well, I have good news for anyone concerned with demonstrating good financial stewardship and living on a tight budget- talk therapy is available right now via prayer with God. Communicating with the Lord God about your concerns, issues and problems with the dear Lord/Jesus/the Holy Spirit is a great practice, much like talk therapy. Sharing your cares, feelings, concerns, ambitions and experiences and asking God to grant personal requests leads to venting your issues and concerns in a prayerful way. “Getting it off your chest” and releasing, prayer is a valuable practice proven to be beneficial and therapeutic by studies. Even if your prayers aren’t answered it’s a good idea to let go and to let God know and intercede. Prayer is like talk therapy and the benefits are deeper and more profound than you realize. Praying through issues and life concerns causes us to think through them while with God, often unveiling solutions that come from him. Being in contact with the Lord God pleases him. Prayer calls our attention to him and his attention to us. It’s much better to release these things to someone that you trust, to someone that won’t hurt you. Don’t keep them bottled up inside and ready to burst. Pray today, I love you.

By Kevin Troy Giles, MA


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