12 Steps of Prayer Life Development

As a pastoral leader within the family of God in Christ, the Lord has inspired me to create the following “12 Step” plan for prayer life development and implementation. It was was truly done with the help of the Holy Spirit! Isn’t it generic? lol You need it, dear brothers:
12 Steps of Prayer Life Development 
1st Step of Prayer- Realizing that I am powerless to prayer and through it my life is more manageable 
2nd Step of Prayer- Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves truly hears us and receives our prayers, answering them in his timing and according to his glorious will.

3rd Step of Prayer- Made a decision to commit our prayer life development over to the care life over to the care of the Holy Spirit as we are one with him asking the Lord to lead and/or inspire you to prayer through the beckoning of the heart.
4th Step of Prayer- Made a searching and fearless prayer inventory, seeking to identify areas and/or times when we could prayer more fervently or continually.
5th Step of Prayer- Admitted to God that we are in love with him first and others second and allowing our prayer time to show that.
6th Step of Prayer- Became altogether ready to confess any sins to God the Lord consistently as a key part of our daily prayer life, so that we can stay clean.
7th Step of Prayer- Humbly asked God to reveal to us ways that we could improve our prayer.
8th Step of Prayer- Give birth to a spiritual practice of physical listing items that we could prayer for and following through in intercessory prayer.
9th Step of Prayer- Make sacrificially loving prayer practice essential, praying for not only those in our own lives but also those far beyond including our community, our great nation and even our perceived rivals and opponents should they exist.
10th Step of Prayer- Devote ourselves to continuity of prayer and not neglect it by doubt, disheartening or daily duties. 
11th Step of Prayer- Studied to strive through prayer practice and contemplative meditation to enhance my spiritual inter-connectivity with the Holy Spirit of God in Jesus Christ, seeking knowledge of the his Divine will for us and the empowerment to carry that through.
12 Step of Prayer- Having achieved a spiritual enlightening as the result of these steps, we seek to call to the attention of other Christians our growth and progress in prayer, in hopes that they will seek to improve their prayer lives too.
By Kevin T Giles, MA

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