The King with No Crown

The King with No Crown

By Kevin T. Giles, MA

There once was a king who was born of noble birth, of to the same bloodline as Jesus Christ himself, the royal line of David, King of Israel. He was so high in the eyes of God, and God wanted to protect him, so he had no earthly crown. God gave this man, who was exalted in his God’s sight, nothing to show off on the earth, that was of material value, such as a crown. This man didn’t mind, for he was satisfied with his relationship with God and who his God created him to be.

Historically, kings have been targets of hatred, theft and even injustice. Their closest friends and companions influenced them even more than God. It took a procession of 50 or 100 armored guards, horses and chariots just to leave the castle. The kings, like David, were usually surrounded by the same people and it limited the number lives that they could touch. It was usually hard to get near the king, so it actually limited his influence and the number of people that he could bless. Filled with more power of God than anyone on earth, the high king merely needed to raise his hand and ask God to bless anyone. God’s infinite blessings flowed through this king who walked the earth among the common people who came to his famous cities from all over the world!!! Once people get near the former kings, they were usually daunted, intimidated and/or ready to engage in insincere interactions essentially kissing his ass. It didn’t please God that much and there was much grumbling. Since they knew that he was king they would often manipulate him, pander to him, flatter or try to get the best of him.

So God did something new, and crowned a new king from among the wealthy of the common people. He gave him no crown, to protect him from the insincerity, hate, flattery, manipulation and discrimination. Kings often have detractors and critics, opponents and rivals. Usually they are jealous of the king and wish to knock him off or see him fall. Well, not this king. With no crown, this king’s an undercover agent of good and a super-secret source of sacred love, in a position to touch many. This king lived among the common people without a crown. No one could target him, no one could rival him, no one could steal his title, because he didn’t have one that was known. He still carried the authority of God in his prayer, his voice and the spiritual forces at his command. This is the king that will never fall, and he will never lose a crown, because he doesn’t really have one.


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